Stories of South Williamsport Area

Stories of the South Williamsport Area Historical Collection was created in memory of Rosemary Neidig, a “Southie” who spent countless hours researching and gathering stories of her neighbors.

Rosemary Neidig
Rosemary Neidig

It was Rosemary’s dream to write a book, but time wasn’t on her side. Her friends, however, remain committed to helping Rosemary’s dream continue. Her anecdotal stories and snapshots of life in South Williamsport are the “seeds” of the South Williamsport Story.

The project, developed by Robin Van Auken of Hands-on Heritage, has expanded to include the story of every person who has lived, worked, volunteered or played in its tenuous community borders.

You are invited to read and to save any item you wish, collecting each story to include in your own personal history of Southside. You’re also invited to contribute to this project, expanding our shared knowledge of our community, and in the process, preserving and protecting it for all time.