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South Williamsport Lions Club

The South Williamsport Lions Club formed in 1946 with 52 chartered members, many of whom were prominent South Williamsport business owners and leaders, well-known in the the community.

The Club sponsored their first Little League team in the spring of 1948. This team played their games on the field located next to the former American Legion and now occupied by storage facilities. Also, in 1948 Lions members completely built and paid for the diamond located at the intersection of Southern Avenue and Riverside Drive; this field has been used by over 2000 young residents as they learned and played their first team sport.

The Little Mountaineer field was completed in the spring of 1949. It was dedicated before a game played between Plankenhorn Candies and Lions. Plankenhorn’s won behind strong pitching by Harry Binger, catching by Ed Blackburn and infield leadership of John Ginoble. Plankenhorn Candies was located on Third Street, next to the Federal Courthouse

Many community leaders and residents have served as President.

The SW Lions can proudly claim 3 Past District Governors-pictured are active members Jim Crawley and Connie McMichael. Deceased member Jim Poole was a very successful businessman and Lions Club leader.

Please contact any current member to learn of SW Lions Club and express your interest

The Club conducted their first Chicken Barbecue on June 1, 1968 in an area next to the Post Office; selling 1000 dinners. Pictured is current barbecue Chairperson Jack Fink and his daughter Erin Miller as they work at a recent event.

The first White Cane Day was observed in October of 1975. Pictured is member Chuck Miller collecting.

The Lions Club concession building was approved for construction in October 1982. It was completed and dedicated on June 4, 1983. Pictured at a recent barbecue-Jim Surfield (delivers a meal), Paul Ulrich (places next order), Carol Larue (appearing in Window)and Barb Coolidge waits for next delivery.

The picnic pavilion roof was completed in June, 1986. It was refurbished in 2019 by the work crew including Joe Larue, Jack Fink, Joe Dell, Larry Baker, Max Dell, Jim Crawley, John Clabaugh, Jim Nolan, Bob Coolidge and John Beattie.

The Leo Club was formed in October 1982. Pictured is advisor Fred Agnoni with new member Jeff Kranz.

The first All-Star Football Game was held in December 1990. Here Chairperson Max Dell presents an MVP award. Max continues to serve as chairperson and is a member of the West Branch Hall of Fame; a recognition of his outstanding service.

Candy Days Chairperson Jim Nolan.

The Gun Raffle fundraiser was started in 2005. Here chairperson Jim Crawley completes a sale.

The aluminum can collection began in 2009 and the team-chaired by John Eastlake-has collected over 35 tons. Pictured-after a work detail are Jim Crawley, John Eastlake, Mike McLaughlin, Jim Nolan and Bob Coolidge.

3 thoughts on “South Williamsport Lions Club”

  1. I saw the photo of the baseball game kids sponsored by Plankenhorn Candy. My husband George and I both worked there in the 60’s. George was a professional candy maker with the owner Paul Caldwell and I sold what they made in the store. Fun times!


  2. Is the Lions Club aware of the fact the certain borough officials are going to destroy Lions field to build a new borough office and police station? I was among those who recently raised $120,000 to restore the field to the pristine condition that it is today. I along with several dedicated Lions Club members, member of the Little Mountaineer League, and members of the community restored the field. I would like to know about the ownership of the property and see if there is anything we can do to save our wonderful Lions field. Please help us save the field that my father played on in 1948, I played on in 1976 and my son played on in 2008. I also wonder if this is considered an Historic Site. It has to be either the oldest or 2nd oldest continuously played on field in the world.
    John Engel


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