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South Williamsport Schools

Prior to the incorporation of the Boroughs of DuBoistown and South Williamsport, the area from Sylvan Dell to Nisbet encompassed the Townships of Armstrong and Susquehanna. When the Boroughs were incorporated the ownership of the schools within their boundaries was transferred to newly created school districts. The following are photos and a brief narrative on the schools in South Williamsport followed by the South Williamsport High School Senior Photos which are now in the Taber Museum Collection.

SW-Schools-1895Mountain Avenue school was located on East Mountain Avenue between Hastings and Market Streets. Maynard Street school is located on the west side of Maynard Street between Riverside Drive and West Southern Avenue and is presently (2019) an apartment building.

The Main Street school is presently the Clarkson building at the corner of Main and East Second Avenue. The Southern Avenue school was located at the parking lot between the CVS pharmacy and Woodlands Bank. The school was originally the High School until a new building was erected in the mid-1920s which is presently known as the Rommelt building.

Central Grade School
At top is Central Grade School (next to Community House); at left is Mr. Earl Yaw, principal; at right is Mr. F.R. Humphrey, Maintenance Supervisor.

The former High School then became known as Central Grade and housed grades one thru five. Another grade school was built on West Southern Avenue just beyond the intersection with Riverside Drive and became known as the Southern Avenue school. I believe the Central Avenue school was located at Clark Street and Central Avenue.  The Armstrong township school was located in Mosquito Valley and today there is a sign identifying the location.

Contributed by Chuck Luppert

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