Susquehanna Canoe Club

South Williamsport Canoe Club Date Unknown
South Williamsport Canoe Club (Date Unknown)

The Susquehanna Canoe Club was organized in 1905 and located at the Maynard Street Bridge. In 1928, according to the Mummers’ Parade Program, membership included 125 females and 275 males.

Facilities included room for 100 canoes and offered one of the best swimming spots in this section of the state. The article also noted that motorboating is becoming popular on the Susquehanna.

4 thoughts on “Susquehanna Canoe Club”

  1. My dads aunts Lena and Theresa owned the canoe club and when I closed the house I live in was build from the club. I have lots of pictures and a video. I would love the share them


    1. Thanks Sue! I will share your info with Nancy Baumgartner. We are converting your DVD video now for sharing. It’s a fun and fascinating look at the connection people had with the river.


    2. Theresa and Fred Bissman were my great aunt and uncle. My grandmother was Florence Bissman Shay. Finding this brought back fond old memories. Thank you..😊


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