Community Week at Community House

The Community House, which was located on the north side of Southern Avenue at the foot of Sydney Street.

On April, 1928, an Industrial Exhibit of 18 companies was held in the Community House, the first undertaking of this kind, to celebrate Community Week.

The Community House was located on the north side of Southern Avenue next to Central Grade School (originally high school).

The concept of Community House began in 1926, when land was sold to South Williamsport Area School District (SWASD) for $3,000 by Luther and Mable Larson on 8/11/1926. The adjoining land was later sold to SWASD for $1 by Leisering on 5/21/1947.

In January, 1927, a campaign was launched to raise $8,000 to partially cover the cost of construction of the Community House. An additional $2,000 was to be raised by school children in future years. T.R. Adams, Chairman, set a three day campaign for team members and captains. The fire siren was to be sounded every time $1,000 was raised.

The, at its completion, Community House opened in Spring 1928. During this week, the building was dedicated, various programs including an athletic night, a concert, a minstrel show, dance and card party, ending with a celebration dinner served to about 500 persons.  Rose Troxell chaired the dinner with John H. Hurr and Leonard Spotts as chairmen of arrangements.  


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