Armstrong Township: A Sum of Its Parts

Armstrong Township is the only township in Lycoming County that has had two boroughs carved from it.

DuBoistown was the first of the two boroughs established. Located at the mouth of Mosquito Creek, it is a on tract of land once owned by Samuel Boone, brother of Hawkins Boone, a martyred Indian fighter and cousin of the famous Daniel Boone. Andrew Culbertson owned 172 acres adjoining Boone’s property, and established a gristmill, sawmill and a home for his family within the boundaries of present-day DuBoistown.
A small town started to develop. In 1856, John DuBois purchased land within the boundaries of the area and laid out a town that he christened “DuBoistown.” Thirty years later, he founded another town, this time in Clearfield County, which he just called “DuBois.” DuBoistown was incorporated as a borough Oct. 14, 1878, despite opposition from residents of Armstrong Township. C.C. Brown was chosen the first burgess, or mayor, of DuBoistown, but he moved shortly after his selection. George Foulkrod assumed the duties.

South Williamsport
The original settlers of the area that now is South Williamsport were Germans who settled near Hagerman’s Run. The area of South Williamsport around the Market Street Bridge once was known as “Rocktown” because of the rocky soil found there. Another section of present-day South Williamsport was an area known as “Bootstown,” after a man who lived nearby stole a pair of boots. Neighborhood boys nicknamed the culprit, “Boots.”
Jacob Weise bought 40 acres within the boundaries of South Williamsport and laid it out in town lots. That is what really started South Williamsport on the road to an organized town.
The South Williamsport Land Co. was organized, began selling lots and the building of a town commenced. Again, with some opposition from citizens from Armstrong Township, South Williamsport was incorporated as a borough Nov. 29, 1886.

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